San Francisco Immigration Offices - 635 Sansome St.

San Francisco Immigration Offices

The entrance to this lot is located in the Financial District, at the corner of Sansome  & Jackson Streets, right across the street from the San Francisco Immigration Offices.  Jackson Square shops are just steps away..



$5 per 20 Minutes
$35 per 12 Hr. Max Mon - Sat Before 4pm
$15 Flat Rate Mon - Sat After 4pm


Daily Parking:

$45 24 Hr. Max 
$15 Flat Rate Sunday

*Rate subject to change without notice or for special events.

**Due to demand online reservation price might be higher, or lower than the drive up rate.


Sunday: 24 hrs.

Monday: 24 hrs.

Tuesday: 24 hrs.

Wednesday: 24 hrs.

Thursday: 24 hrs.

Friday: 24 hrs.

Saturday: 24 hrs.