Jury Duty - 801 Bryant St. @ 6th St.

SF Giants Parking

If you need affordable SF Giants parking, then make your parking reservation now! We're only five blocks away from AT&T Park. Be sure to reserve your arrival time 1 1/2 to 2 hours before the game to lock-in your SF Giants parking rate.

There are 2 entrances for our 801 Bryant Street outside parking lot; one on the 6th Street side and another entrance on Bryant Street side. We are located across the street from the Hall of Justice, and only one block from the flower market. 

Very convenient and reasonable rates for Jury Duty and Courthouse parking.


Hourly Parking:

$7 per 30 Minutes
$20 per 12 Hrs Max M-F Before 3pm

$10 Flat Rate M-F After 3pm
$10 per 12 Hrs Sat & Sun

Daily & Event Parking:

$26 per 24 hrs
$15-$25 Event Rates (Depending on event)

Concert Parking:

Available after 5pm
Same Price As Ball Game

Monthly Parking:

$320 - Available

*Rate subject to change without notice or for special events.

**Due to demand online reservation price might be higher, or lower than the drive up rate.


Monthly Parking Availability


Sunday: 24 hrs.

Monday: 24 hrs.

Tuesday: 24 hrs.

Wednesday: 24 hrs.

Thursday: 24 hrs.

Friday: 24 hrs.

Saturday: 24 hrs.